Today we’re officially announcing the launch of Rootclaim – a collaborative analysis platform that outperforms human reasoning in understanding complex issues.

Calculating All Sides of the Story

The platform integrates all available evidence, assesses it for credibility and then uses probabilistic models to reach conclusions about the likelihood of competing hypotheses.
Rootclaim is grounded in two pillars:

  1. Openly crowdsourced evidence and claims – Anyone can impact an analysis by contributing evidence, rational explanations, past examples and statistics. Unlike polling or voting, a strong claim by one person can beat many widely supported weaker claims.
  2. Proven Bayesian inference models – The model breaks down highly complex issues into smaller questions that are each answerable by humans, and then uses these answers to reach mathematically indisputable conclusions.

Rootclaim outperforms human reasoning by correcting for the biases and flaws of human intuition. Its conclusions represent the best available understanding of the complexity and uncertainty in our world.

Overcoming Human Intuition

The human brain is unreliable when it comes to accurately assessing complex problems involving many, often contradictory, pieces of evidence with differing levels of reliability. These problems are exactly the kinds of issues taking center stage in the media. Rootclaim analyzes the hottest, most controversial topics dominating current news and debates. It produces clear, easy-to-reference probabilities that reveal which story is most likely to be true.

In an era in which facts, objectivity, and truth can seem increasingly out of reach, Rootclaim empowers users to overcome humanity’s inherently fallible intuition, enabling the analysis of complicated real-world news issues in an objective, mathematically sound way.

See for yourself how Rootclaim draws evidenced-based conclusions for questions such as:

  1. What caused the disappearance of Malaysia airlines flight 370?
  2. What is the story behind Donald Trump’s hair?
  3. Can the MMR vaccine cause autism?