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Rootclaim: Calculating Reality

Today we’re officially announcing the launch of Rootclaim – a collaborative analysis platform that outperforms human reasoning in understanding complex issues.

Calculating All Sides of the Story

The platform integrates all available evidence, assesses it for credibility and then uses probabilistic models to reach conclusions about the likelihood of competing hypotheses.
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Introducing Rootclaim: The Rational Revolution

Information Overload

Today’s world is complex. To make sense of it, we have to take in – and filter out – a huge amount of information. The problem is, it’s incredibly difficult to get to the bottom line when there’s so much noise to sift through.

Cherry-Picking the Evidence

Reporting is often biased. Governments, politicians, businesses, news organizations and interest groups can easily cherry-pick the evidence, giving you an incomplete or inconsistent picture of reality. If a story makes splashy headlines, or advances a certain political and/or financial agenda, then you’re more likely to hear about it.

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