What’s the Deal with Trump’s Hair?

Given Donald Trump’s flair for controversy, it’s not surprising that even his hair would be the subject of debate. In “What is the story behind Donald Trump’s hair?”, Rootclaim analyzes the most popular claims about the Donald’s trademark hair-covering to cut through the uncertainty.

Most Men are Bald

Our analysis includes an initial estimate of the likelihood of an outcome (Trump’s hair) given each hypothesis (transplant, toupee, etc.). As much as possible, we find and incorporate reliable statistics on comparable cases. For example, the finding that 70% of men over the age of 70 are bald can shed light on the likelihood of Trump having a full head of natural hair at the age of 70.

Does Trump Have Peers?

Sometimes, it isn’t enough to just find generic data. Although data about balding is helpful, a celebrity politician like Trump may be less likely to walk around bald. For that reason we chose statistics involving US senators Trump’s age. We then multiplied those figures to account for Trump’s greater likelihood of choosing a flashy alternative to natural hair.

Trump’s Genes

At times, the answer to another question may prove relevant to the analysis. For example, a sub-analysis examines a potential genetic link with baldness. If Trump has his natural hair, then it is far more likely that he is not genetically inclined for baldness. On the other hand if he wears a toupee or had a transplant he is more likely to be genetically inclined for baldness.

Putting It All Together

The analysis of Donald Trump’s hair shows how Rootclaim’s unique methodology can help unravel the most controversial and confusing issues out there. Because there is a range of evidence supporting different theories, no answer is 100% certain. However, Rootclaim’s calculation reduces the uncertainties, leading to a more reliable analysis. After considering the evidence, including details like Trump’s flashiness and possible genetic factors, the resulting probabilities overwhelmingly support the flap surgery or transplant hypotheses.