Information Overload

Today’s world is complex. To make sense of it, we have to take in – and filter out – a huge amount of information. The problem is, it’s incredibly difficult to get to the bottom line when there’s so much noise to sift through.

Cherry-Picking the Evidence

Reporting is often biased. Governments, politicians, businesses, news organizations and interest groups can easily cherry-pick the evidence, giving you an incomplete or inconsistent picture of reality. If a story makes splashy headlines, or advances a certain political and/or financial agenda, then you’re more likely to hear about it.

Processing What it All Means

To make things worse, it turns out that humans are inherently bad at processing large amounts of information. So even assuming we have balanced access to all the evidence, we’ll still have a hard time understanding what it all means.

Humanity has developed advanced mathematical tools that let us process information in an objective, unbiased way. But these probabilistic tools have never been accessible for the average person before.

Rootclaim: A Rational Analysis for Everyone

At Rootclaim we believe that fact-based knowledge should be accessible to everyone. We also believe that probabilistic analysis is the best way to understand complex issues.

That’s why we have created a transparent, fact-based platform where anyone can go for the most objective and mathematically sound analysis of any complex real-world issue.

Rootclaim uses the best tools humanity has developed for critical analysis of complex problems. By combining these mathematical tools with the power of crowdsourced knowledge, we aim to become the most credible voice of reason on any issue.