What makes a Rootclaim analysis better than any other approach?

Rootclaim is more objective and comprehensive than any other method of reasoning.

The Rootclaim system improves on other approaches by forcing each hypothesis to build a complete, unbroken storyline that explains all of the evidence without cherry-picking, or providing contradictory explanations to different pieces of information. By requiring each competing version of events to play out to its complete logical conclusion, Rootclaim conquers one of the most difficult weaknesses of mass mis-reasoning: allowing inconsistent, illogical, and incomplete explanations to masquerade as reasonable, coherent, and even convincing possibilities to those without the tools to break the arguments down and ensure mathematical and logical validity.

Rootclaim analyses get to the bottom of complex issues by breaking down arguments into the smallest parts possible.

Rootclaim is structured such that all these individual pieces of information can “talk” to one another in a mathematically valid way. This for the first time allows us to build on previous knowledge that may be incomplete or uncertain, in a systematic and truly meaningful way.

Beyond these methodological advantages, Rootclaim is also superior to other approaches because it capitalizes on the power of the crowd. More voices coming together means a more diverse range of perspectives and more complete coverage of the information available. And ongoing challenges by the crowd constantly improve the quality of inputs, leading to continually refined outputs. Rootclaim’s conclusions are automatically updated any time new information is added, so the results of the analysis always represents the best possible aggregation of available knowledge.